The history of New Orleans attracts tourists from all over the planet in order for them to admire the architecture, enjoy the nightlife but also savour the local gastronomy. There is not enough time to tell you all about this magnificent culture! However, we invite you to take a culinary trip that truly represents this wonderful part of the world and allows you to discover all the flavours wrapped up in these Louisiana’s typical meals.

Established since 2004 and specialized in the southern U.S. cuisine, the restaurant named La Nouvelle-Orléans will amaze you with traditional dishes from Louisiana. Discover a unique and authentic gastronomy in a typical ambiance that reflects famous restaurants from the New Orleans French Quarter. If you are a restaurant regular visitor, we look forward to seeing you again! And for those who will experience their very first visit, we will definitely make sure to pass on our passion to you and make you enjoy the experience so much… you’ll want to repeat it soon!